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I live in America. In fact, I was born here and lived here my whole life. I suspect that when I kick the bucket, it’ll bounce around on American soil as it comes to a stop.

I’ve always been brought up believing that America was the home of invention, innovation, and other stuff. The truth is, sometimes we’re a bit behind the curve.

One of the most important advances in technology has, apparently, passed us by. Left us in the dust. Ladies in gentlemen, I mean to say that we Americans have been surpassed in the area of beverage technology.

While the Japanese have been enjoying their self-heating sake for ages now, we have finally reached the level of technology capable of bringing us self-heated coffee.

But, my friends, I am happy to say that the Future is now here. No longer must you wait for Mr Coffee to drip your coffee out. No longer will you be lost in the wilderness wishing, just wishing, for a hot cup of tea.

OnTech has brought us a selection of self-heating coffees, teas, hot chocolates, and even soups.

It works by mixing water and quicklime, apparently. A scary sounding combination. But it hasn’t exploded on me yet, the one container that I opened. I presume none of the others would, either. Still, as I said, we’re sadly behind the rest of the world here and have already missed out on the self-heating sake containers that Japan has enjoyed for years now.

But perhaps we can use this experience to create new, more exciting, self-heating things. Such as TV dinners, or self-heating haggis. Perhaps we can research going in the other direction and have self-cooling beers. The possibilities could be boundless!