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Yep, I’ve been slacking again. The only thing happening of interest involves Zoey, the African Gray Parrot. And I know people get bored of reading about that so I try and keep it to a minimum.

She is starting to talk, kind of. Most of what I hear her say sounds more like a whistle than a word, but you can make it out. “Hello,” “Peak-a-boo,” and, I think, “Step-up.” I think she’s coming along pretty well, and she’s so sweet

you could use her in your coffee.

If only I could break her of her desire to eat my glasses. If she’s not going after my glasses, then it’s my ear. Not that she bites my ear, she just kind of nibbles at it. Although, the other day I tried to get my glasses away from her and she had one foot on my shoulder and one in my ear, fighting me for them. It was funny, but a bit uncomfortable.

On the weekends I make breakfast for both of us. I don’t usually eat breakfast, so it’s a change for me. Saturday I made a cheese-free veggie omelette. She wouldn’t touch it until I started eating. Once she saw that I would eat it, she tore into it with gusto. Of course she picked out the veggies (green bell pepper and broccoli) and tossed them onto the floor, but she sure liked the egg part.

The kids are not impressed with the amount of attention Zoey gets. In fact, on Saturday, I mentioned that she had eaten a pretty good portion of omelette. Savannah gave me a look and said, “You made the bird an omelette?” Sure. But we shared it.

I made oatmeal on Sunday. She didn’t feel like oatmeal and didn’t eat much. Then I tried to slice up a guava for her, but she didn’t care for that either. We cut down on the amount of seeds she gets, and I think she’s a bit peeved about it. She loves kidney beans, though. She had some red beans and snarfed it up. She didn’t take any rice, though.

So, as I said, there’s not much going on besides bird-related information. The only game I’ve been getting through is Oblivion. I finished the main quest and started working on Shivering Isles, which is awesome. I understand the need to keep up to date with the game engine and everything, but it would be cool to see more “modules” released. I wonder why they haven’t gone a bit more down the “pen and paper” route and created different modules for different player levels or types.

I think if I were in charge, I would have the main game engine made, a main story line, and a over-arcing background story and then release “modules” for it, adding new monsters and items as needed. And an expandable map, so everything could fit in as needed. I think that would be neat.

I’m eagerly awaiting Fallout 3, but that’s probably quite a ways off still.


I’m pretty far behind with my KDE4 install. I think I’m still at 4.0.1 while everyone else is moving along to 4.0.2. I had a problem with QT4 and Gentoo, so I never got a chance to update it. I’m still thinking of erasing the whole thing and starting over, just to see if it gets rid of the graphic artifacts that I see. But the weekend is over so I won’t have any time to do that.

Just for the hell of it, I installed Oblivion using Cedega. It runs fairly well. I’m a couple of versions behind, there, too. I haven’t gotten around to renewing my subscription. I think I’ll try the latest version of Wine and see how that works with it. It’s been a while since I’ve tried it.

I haven’t tried Cedega or Wine under KDE4, either. Perhaps it’s a project I’ll try and get to next weekend.


I am pleased to report that I looked at my Dr Pepper cap and saw the bottom four letters were “UWIN.” I won! I was hoping for a free year of Dr Pepper, but it looks like I only won one. So, in 2-3 weeks I should get a coupon for a free Dr Pepper! Gosh!

I only need to drink 23 more for my 1-in-6 chance of being a winner.

Well, that’s all from me on this Monday morning.