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It’s been a while since I’ve written anything of substance. That’s not a good thing, since the purpose of these blogs is to write down anything regardless of content. At least once a day.

I seem to fall back on things I’ve written about before, and all of that is based on stuff in the past. Hopes, dreams, fears, things I used to enjoy but grew out of. All things that are part of growing up and growing old I suppose.

This is supposed to be a daily thing, though. And I’m not really supposed to care if you’re bored of it or not. Good for me, bad for you.

I haven’t had too much time for writing lately, with the new job and all. So what have I been thinking of lately? The past, mostly. As usual. In truth, a lot of it has been focused on the “Golden Age” of computers and video games. I’ve burnt myself out on that for the time being, though. There are very few people who are even interested, anyway.

My company got me a cell phone. For Valentine’s Day I got one of those Bluetooth ear piece things. As much as I love the old computers and stuff, this is one of the neatest things ever. If, back in 1984, someone had told me that there would be a device that would let someone read a paper, talk to someone a hundred miles away, and take a dump all at the same time — well, I would have laughed. Why anyone would ever want to take a dump while on the phone is completely beyond me, but it is possible. Just having a wireless ear piece is awesome. Being able to voice dial numbers using it is icing on an already sweet cake.

Yes, I know I’m about four years behind everyone else. There’s no need to point that out to me.

I’ve decided to teach myself Common Lisp. I’ve never looked at this language before but seeing as how I’m drifting down memory lane I’ve decided to see what all the fuss is about. Lisp is pretty big in the Artificial Intelligence comm unity. Perhaps I can learn enough over the coming weekend to get my Turin Test Beating AI working.