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Some people might actually be interested in how I fared using KDE 4.0 for a day. The truth is, I wasn’t able to go a whole day. I needed to look at some media clips and, for some reason, VLC would only display the very top line of the video. Mplayer showed a scrambled screen.

I’m willing to blame the composite system for that, but I didn’t think to turn it off. I just went back to KDE 3.5.8 for the rest of the day.

I still like it, though. I can see myself using it more and more. That’s really the same thing that happened with BeOS. I installed it just to look at it and ended up using it more and more until it was my normal operating system. I only used Windows for games.

There’s been quite the UFO flap in Stephenville, TX this week. A number of people are claiming to have seen one (possibly one). That’s fine with me, really. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m OK with UFO’s.

But as I get older I get a bit more skeptical. It’s not that I don’t think the universe is a large enough place to have another (I’m being gracious here) intelligent species or two. It’s just that I don’t know why they would be here. It seems to me, if we have alien visitors then they’d probably be from somewhere local. Like Mars or something.

The other thing that bothers me is the lack of video evidence. As of last night, there were no pictures or video. Even if there were video or pictures they’d be crappy. You know that. In this day in age when you can get a really good shot of Brittany Spears’ coochie there should be no excuse for not having a decent shot of a UFO.

Texas is no stranger to UFO’s, though. In 1897, Aurora, TX supposedly had a visitor from another planet. Aurora, by the way, is not very far from Stephenville.