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I’ve installed the latest SVN for KDE4.0.  I figure today I’ll make a go of trying it for the entire day.

I may have to remove it and re-emerge it, though.  I’m getting some weird screen artifacts.  In fact, I can’t see anything when I log into it unless I hit CTRL-F8, otherwise I get a blank screen.  I’m pretty sure it has to do with the compositing. Maybe I’ll just wipe out my .kde directory first.  That seems a bit more sensible.

Other than being slow when I’m compiling something (which I’m sure has to do with my SATA drive and DMA that I don’t know how to fix) I kind of like it.  It’s different, and I like different.

Right now I’m re-compiling the network apps so I can get AIM working in Kopete.  Hopefully.

My other problem of programs bringing up KWrite with a .desktop file appears to have been fixed.  Unfortunately, I lost my icon for the Open Office word processor.  At least Firefox is working.

Oh, I kind of with the Task Manager widget thing had more options.  Right now it only has one, for the tooltips.  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to change the settings to more how the old Kicker is set up.