It’s all about being faster.  Computers get faster, airplanes get faster, even trains get faster.  It’s all about “being there” as quickly as possible. 

Back in the old days, if you worked in New York City and had business in San Francisco you would have to allot yourself enough time to get there.  Now, you can be there within a few hours.

Is it really necessary, though?  With laptops, Blackberries, cellular phones, cellular and satellite broadband and everything else that’s on the way, is it really necessary to be there right now?

What if…  the train were a bit more affordable?  Or affordable at all?  Wouldn’t it be more interesting to take a day or two to travel and work as if you’re working from home?  Presuming you have a good place to work, like a cabin. 

What if they brought back the airships?  If they could make them safer than the Hindenberg, wouldn’t that be an awesome way to travel?