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These trailers can be viewed at http://www.apple.com/trailers and you need Quicktime installed.

Speed Racer: I liked the cartoon. I really hope the movie is better than the trailer. Everything looks… fake. Okay, maybe that sounds kind of stupid but, really, everything looks fake. The movie is not a cartoon, it’s live action. But everything in it looks computer generated. And what really looks bad? Speed’s helmet. Really bad.

Kit Kittredge an American Girl Mystery: It looks like a 1920’s period piece about a girl who wants to be a reporter. Not usually my cup of tea, but it has Wallace Shawn as a cranky newspaper editor in it. How bad could it be? Also, Jane Krakowski is in it. Damn you, Janie Krakowski, etc.

10,000 B.C.: I don’t know about this one either. Wooly Mammoths figure big in this flick. Basically about a guy that leads another bunch of guys in a war against some other dudes back in 10,000BC. Oh, and a lost civilization. I can’t figure out if it would be easy to have a lost civilization in 10,000 B.C or hard (how long could they have been lost for?). Anyway, it’s full of action and near-naked guys so it’ll probably be a hit. The women look quite nice for neanderthals.

Wanted: A “Train the incompetant kid to be an assassin” movie. It has “Summer Movie” written all over it. Also, it has Angelina “Hot Lips” Jolie. And a Dodge Viper. This is definitely a summer movie and, as such, I am required to watch it no matter how bad it is, or how stupidly unrealistic the stunts are.

Hellboy II — The Golden Army: If you liked the first Hellboy, I don’t see any reason (so far) not to like this one. It looks like more of the same. Also a summer movie if I’ve ever seen one.

The Dark Knight: After Joel Schumacher ruined Tim Burton’s Batman vision, the studios decided they had to start from scratch. Good idea. Christian Bale is a decent Batman and this movie looks like it’ll be pretty good, if comic book to movie conversions are your thing.

Wall-E: A Pixar flick about a robot. I like all of Pixar’s movies, so I reckon this will be good. The trailer is pretty funny. It still looks more realistic than Speed Racer.

Hancock: Will Smith is a super hero who racks up a lot of damage and doesn’t quite do the right thing. This looks good, too. The trailer is worth it just for the whale.