It’s been a while since I’ve written about nano technology.  Mostly this is because I haven’t seen very much happening.  I’m sure there’s stuff going on, it’s just not being reported on in general.

It’s also because I’m not seeing anything interesting happening yet.  Interesting, to me, does not include suntan lotion, cosmetics, or stain-resistant trousers.  Self-cleaning trousers, sure.  Molecule-sized robots that roam through the body removing cancer cells, definitely. 

At heart I am a fantasist, a dreamer, a romantic and a futurist.  I see a world shaped by K. Eric Drexler.  A world where you car is self-repairing, a new toaster is just a push of a button away, and life is extended because your cells are repaired and rebuilt as needed.

I wait for the Next Big Thing.

So I felt pretty good when I saw this article about scientists looking to sperm to figure out how to give locomotion to nanobots.  There is no better place to look for inspiration than nature.  And if nature can do it, then we should be able to do it, too.  It’s just a matter of figuring out how.

After all, a redwood tree doesn’t start as a small tree.  It starts as a seed and through molecular and cellular manipulation it grows into a tree.  A big tree.

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