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There’s a new computer in the house.  This is happy news because, I hope, it means the stress will be taken off of this one a bit.  This one is my baby, and I’ve had it forever (in one form or another).

It’s been a couple of weeks since I update KDE 4, so I thought I’d give that a shot this morning.  I quite enjoy using it, although the composite effects are not quick when I’m doing other things.  Like updating the system.  Also, I’m getting a bunch of empty “icons” in the middle of the screen since updating to RC2.  Still, no harm no foul.  Just some annoyances, which I’m still expecting at this stage.

We went to see “I am Legend” last night.  I thought it was OK, but some things didn’t make a lot of sense.  I know the general flow of the movie, so I knew what was going on, but it seemed to me that they cut out some important bits.  I won’t spoil it, even though you’ve probably seen it before if you’re familiar with “Omega Man” or “Last Man On Earth.”