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Okay, so if you’re not compiling stuff in the background, doing updates, downloading tons of junk, and definitely not compiling updates in the background, then KDE 4 RC1 is pretty swift.

I found how to enable the compositing effects, so I got that going and it’s pretty sweet.  It works as well as Beryl did for me, when I was using it.  Overall I’m pretty happy with it.  Would I use it as my main DE right now?  No…  not quite yet.  For one thing, I can’t get user switching to work and I do use that sometimes.

On the plus side,  I haven’t had anything crash yet.  My sound does work (as long as people don’t unplug my speakers, ahem) so that’s not an issue.  But there’s still some little things that should be polished before I’d jump all in.

Oh, I need to fix the menus so I can use them to launch certain programs, like Firefox (which has gone missing from the menu altogether) and Open Office.  I don’t know how to do that manually, yet.