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I started updating the KDE 4 stuff this morning. It’s working much better for me. I now get icons down in the… kicker? Task bar? Whatever it’s called these days. Anyway, I’m glad they’re there now. It makes stuff a bit easier to get to. I can even log off now without getting an error. And the workspace switcher doesn’t crash on me anymore.

I’m still missing stuff from my menu, though. Firefox being the most important one. I have no idea on how to add stuff to the menu. Also, I can’t start OpenOffice. The icons appear, but it just starts KEdit with the .desktop information. That’s kind of a bummer.

The whole thing is kind of slow. I’m not sure if that’s the way it’s supposed to be (at the moment) or if the hardware accelerated compositing isn’t working. I have the KDE 4 Live CD, but it’s at work so I can’t test it out. One thing the live CD does that mine doesn’t is having to click the different categories on the menu (Favorites, applications, etc.). With mine I just mouse over and it switches and that gets really annoying when I’m trying to scroll to a program to launch. I have no idea how to change that, if it’s changeable right now.

These are relatively minor quibbles, though, considering the release state of the software. It seems basically usable, though. If I were to have to re-do my computer I’d probably forgo putting 3.5.7 (or .8) on and just stick with 4.

The installation using Gentoo and Layman is pretty easy, once you get past the initial steps. That’s always a plus.

Just for kicks I should try out the multimedia features. I’m not even sure, yet, if I get sound. The device notifier thing works, though. Well, that’s a big ‘No’ for the audio… I wonder how I fix that?