There was nothing better to watch last night so I figured it was time to pop in the old Black Adder tapes. I settled on Series 3 because the Prince is so stupid, and because it has my favorite word in the first episode: “Anti-distinctly-minty.” You can’t go wrong with that. Black Adder – The Complete Collector’s Set


I see some of Live Writer’s plug-ins need some work. I’m sure that Amazon linker thing could be done a wee bit better.

Anyway. People usually talk about “comfort foods.” These are foods that you eat because they make you feel better. Maybe you’re down in the dumps and cinnamon toast perks you up. Stuff like that. Or you’re depressed, so you buy a bunch of Ho-Ho’s and watch M*A*S*H re-runs.

Black Adder, Red Dwarf and Jurassic Park are my “comfort videos.” I don’t really know why Jurassic Park is in there, but if I’m at a loss to watch something but I need to have something playing on the boob tube then JP gets the job.

I just scarfed down some oatmeal. All that talk of Ho-Ho’s made me hungry. At least I ate kind of healthy. Of course, I got another coffee, too. I just needed it, that’s all.

Autumn is back in Austin. It’s chilly and windy. I wonder if it’s a chili night? Or stew? Or soup? Perhaps I should brave the chill wind and fire up the BBQ?

Maybe I should just go to the Outback.

Ars Technica has a review of Super Mario Galaxy. It looks like they’ve gone ga-ga over it, in a big way. I really miss being able to play games like this. Mario, Spyro and Ratchet & Clank especially.

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