Yesterday I had to get something from the center console of the car.  As I was rummaging through the junk in there I came across a treasure.  A lost treasure.  A forgotten treasure!


It was a Hershey’s chocolate bar that I had gotten at HEB some time back, when I was in need of a snack and it cost 33¢.  Which I didn’t eat and ended up throwing it into the center console so I could bring it to work.  And then I forgot about it.  For quite some time.

buried_treasure.jpg Until yesterday, when I found it again.  Now, it’s been in the console for a few weeks.  And the temperature has fluctuated a number of times.  The console is also right above the transmission.

Let’s just say this candy bar was not in a solid state when my questing fingers groped it.  Let’s also recognize that the new Hershey’s wrapper is pretty good at sealing in liquids.

I brought it inside with me and put it on the air conditioner vent in the floor so it would turn solid again.  Then I nearly forgot about it again.  But after sitting around for a while and getting hungry and wishing I had something to snack on, I remembered about the melted candy bar sitting at my feet.  It was pretty solid by now, thanks to the cold air.  So I ate it.  It didn’t look anything like a candy bar, I’ll tell you that.  But it still tasted like one, and that’s good enough for me.

I’m sure this is unrelated, but I woke up this morning feeling like crap.  I feel better now, though.  Maybe it was the combination of a melted/solidified chocolate bar and the soggy KFC.  I don’t think I ate well at all yesterday, come to think of it.  I might have been better off just eating the bucket of lard that’s in the pantry.

I’m beginning to like Live Writer a bit more.  It’s easier dealing with pictures, and I’ve got some nice plug-ins so I can do more interesting things.  It still seems kind of home made to me, though.

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