Okay, I went nuts this morning and installed all of the recently non-beta-ized Live programs.  These include:

  • Live Writer — Allows you to write blog entries with a real editor and send it to different blogs.  This isn’t limited to Microsoft’s Live Spaces, either.  You can send it to WordPress, Live Journal, and others.
  • Live Mail — Let’s you get your mail from your Hotmail account and, presumably, Yahoo! if you have a premium email account.
  • Live Messenger — The newest version of Microsoft Messenger.
  • Live Photo Gallery — Shows you pictures and allows you to add tags and upload them to Live Spaces and Flickr.

They’re kind of neat, although everything is running a bit slow with Live Mail going.  And I’ve already gotten errors about not being able to get my mail from it.  And I have a problem selecting an email and dragging it to a folder.  I have to take two tries to get that done.  Otherwise it looks okay.  Not really a step up from using Live Hotmail in a browser.  Or whatever they’re calling it.  Oh, you can also post your email directly to your blog with it.  I don’t know why you would want to do this, but you can.

I’m just not overwhelmed with any of it.  Give me a while and maybe I’ll feel like I can’t live without it.  Although…  It is really nice to be able to send my blogs to three or four different sites without having to log into all of them.  I noticed that MySpace is not supported, which is a shame since it’s one of the biggest ones out there.


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