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After I got my Atari 400 up into my bedroom I became an early morning person.  The reason for this was because I became a heavy user of different BBS places.  Because most BBS’ at the time only had one phone line, the busier places would always be busy.  Except at ludicrously early hours.  Hence, I would get up at a ludicrously early time and call up.

As a consequence, I was never late for school.  In fact, I would be early there, too.  I managed to get most of my homework done in that time.  Another side effect was that I could listen to the radio on snowy mornings and listen for school closings.

I would listen to WDHA (105.5, the Rock of New Jersey) since they were pretty current with the school closings.  And they had better music than the other stations that announced school closings.  Some of my fondest memories are of seeing the snow come down outside, playing a game on the 400, and listening to David Bowie, or Queen, or Pink Floyd, or whatever, on the radio — safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t have to go to school that day.

I never thought I’d be reminiscing about it some twenty years later, though.  It probably would have been a lot different if I had the internet then, too.