The fall of America will not be completely caused by changes in the laws being made, hidden by another Brittany Spears meltdown.  It won’t even be completely caused by people just being plain lazy.

A lot of it will come from advertising.  As a nation, we’re used to having our minds influenced by advertising.  Even bad advertising.  It’s a way of life for us. 

Horrible things can be done just by putting a pleasant spin on it.

Speaking of which, I took a good look at my wallet today.  It’s really fat!  Unfortunately, it’s fat with no money making up that girth.  It’s mostly crap: credit cards, bank cards, HMO cards, insurance cards, and gobs of other crap.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one card that had all the information from the other cards built into it?  Like a combination of drivers license, health status, insurance information, contact information, debit and bank account information.  It would cut down on the amount of crap you had to carry around all the time, and it would be handy.  Especially if the drivers license part was good for the entire U.S.  One card to rule them all.  How easy would that make life?

It would be even better if all the information was backed up to some central site.  That way, if you lost it, you could order a replacement and get it with all your information pre-loaded.

How amazingly useful would that be?