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I watched Speed Zone this weekend. I was surprised because it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was supposed to be the third movie in the “Cannonball Run” series but, for whatever reason, it didn’t get the title.

It’s got a lot of cast members from SCTV, like John Candy, and quite a few other big names (for the time). If you like the “Cannonball Run” movies I’d check this out, if you’re able to. It doesn’t appear to be very popular.

I like cars, but I don’t love them or base my life around them. I particularly like the 70’s era muscle cars and anything that reaches “exotic” or “supercar” status. But I do like driving. You won’t find me with a wrench, but at least I know where the go-faster pedal is.

That’s probably why I like racing games so much. I don’t like games where the cars are made up. I really prefer the ones that license real cars. And I prefer games that don’t make you race around a track all the time because I think it gets boring really quick.

I’m almost tempted to pick up a steering wheel for Test Drive: Unlimited, though. It’s a $100.00, but I think it would be neat, especially since TD:U has real cars and doesn’t make you race around a track. In fact, it lets you race on “real” roads like you were in your own little “Cannonball.”

There’s a psychologist who thinks you should start giving your kids alcohol at a younger age (watered down and/or in moderation) so they get used to it and don’t feel like they have to binge when they get into their teenage years. I do agree with this. I think if you want a kid to try something out then tell them how forbidden it is. Part of the job qualifications for youth is to be rebellious. It happens. But I think if you’re honest with your kids and don’t patronize them you get more respect out of them. When they respect you then they’re more likely to think of you when their low life friends try to get them to do stuff they know you wouldn’t be happy about.

My ideas on energy conservation are different than other people’s. I don’t think we should cut down on the amount of gas or oil that we use. I think we should use it all up as quickly as possible. Get those cars with a big V8, drive an SUV, run the lights all the night. Go ahead. Use up all the oil and then, when we’re all sitting in the dark and walking to work, then you’ll see how fast we start working on alternative forms of energy.

As it is, nothing will change because we’re all so used to everything this way. Unless someone comes up with something really new and radical (i.e., cheap) then we’ll keep doing what we do until we’re forced to change.