Sundays were not as entertaining as Saturdays when I was a kid.  While Saturday had hours of cartoons on the tube, Sunday had nothing but political and religious programming.  Two types of shows that held no interest for me.

But Sunday morning did have the Sunday comics.  Large comics in glorious color.  Even that could get a little weird, though.

Our local newspaper would have things like B.C., Peanuts, Hagar the Horrible and Wizard of Id.  If we went to our grandmothers house, her local paper carried a different set of comics.  Some were the same, like Peanuts.  But there were other, weirder, comics that we never heard of before.  Like Dondi, Prince Valiant, and Little Orphan Annie.

     Maybe it’s just me, but I remember these comics being kind of funny.  I thought that was the reason why the older set called them “funny papers.”  These days they don’t seem all that funny.

For the most part they seem kind of preachy.  No cartoonist can hold back their personal feelings about something.  Others can seem overly religious.  I used to love reading B.C. until Johnny Hart went totally off the deep end with pushing his religion.

I’m not saying that a comic can’t be political or religious and not be funny.  Bloom County and Outland were great, because Breathed knows how to use satire.  When he gives his opinion it’s at least relevant to the rest of the strip and has a punch line.

At this point I have to mention that my favorite strips are BC, Outland and Calvin & Hobbes.  If I’m feeling sick and bed-ridden, few things comfort me more than pulling out a compilation book for either of these.  Even though I’ve read them a few dozen times already they never fail to make me feel a bit better.  It’s too bad I don’t have them anymore.