Well, this is interesting. Phillips has developed some clothing that has moving, colorful lights called “photonics” that looks pretty interesting. Imagine, if you will, a t-shirt that has an ad on it. But this ad moves and changes and lights up.

Just sitting here I can think of a billion uses for this. They mention on the site about the ability of using Bluetooth and wi-fi. Imagine paying a discount on the article of clothing (or backpack or whatever), but whenever you get close to a wi-fi hotspot you download ads. Ad subsidized clothing. How great would that be?

Somewhere in the FAQ section they also mention using touch sensors and other things.  If you were standing in line at an amusement park, you could play a game on the person’s back in front of you.  Or watch a movie.  How neat!

The porn industry must already be thinking of a bunch of stuff they could use all that for.