I sometimes wonder what would happen if I wrote my own bible.  If I wrote down parables and sayings and, perhaps, wrote a few hymns to a god (or gods) that don’t really exist.  If I kept it safe and it managed to survive the ages and many years hence was found.  Would it create a buzz in the archealogical world of the future?  Would it gain converts?

For that matter, will there be a far future generation that believes in the wisdom of, say, Harry Potter?  Will there be priests who tell their followers about the trials that Harry Potter went through, only to emerge victorious?  It was written down in antiquity, therefore it must be true.

Or will it be much different.  With the advent of the computer and digital media, will paper become rare and lost.  Will there be a huge gap in the human record because all of our information was lost when the power went out, when chips corroded, and magnatized media became inert?  Will this golden age of digital information be regarded as the dark ages when no records, from the point of view of far-future historians, were kept?