First things first, something you must understand. I’ve seen pictures of the Face on Mars and the surrounding areas. I’ve seen the old pictures and the new ones. This isn’t about the Face as much as it is about human reasoning. I don’t know if the Face is a face. I don’t know if it’s artificial or not. This makes me no different than anyone else on the planet Earth. And that’s the important thing to know.

I’m supposed to believe in quantum physics. I’m supposed to believe in the String Theory. I’m supposed to believe in multiple dimensions (other than the standard four). I’m supposed to believe in a lot of things that I can’t see, hear, or touch.

But I’m forbidden to believe in a older civilization that once existed on another planet in our solar system. Believing that all matter is made up of vibrating strings is OK; believing in an intelligent race that was on Mars is not. How does that work?

Because there’s no proof. Aside from some clever math, there’s no proof of the rest of the stuff either.

I have no problem with the idea that there may have been life in the solar system before us. I attribute this to my amazing ignorance of how everything started. I like it this way. It allows me to use my imagination.

It just seems wrong to me to summarily dismiss something without investigating it. The Face looks enough like a face to me to warrant looking into. We’ve got orbiters that can take a closer look anyway, what’s the harm? NASA’s reaction always seems suspicious to me, which tends to nudge me over to the fringe thinker’s side. In the same breath, it seems wrong to go whole hog and say the Face is artificial. Nobody knows. And we’re not going to know until we send people up there to have a look. And that, to me, is the most important thing of all. If NASA wants to go to Mars, what better way to drum up funding and get the nation whipped up about it if not to say they want to find out for sure if the Face is really a face, or just a trick of nature?

What makes me angry is when scientists here on Earth decide that something is natural without having a really good look at it. Nobody can tell from space if it is or not. News flash: If the Face is artificial, then it’s alien. That’s important, not just for the obvious reason, but because it’s something that’s totally out of our realm of experience. You cannot, without having further information, pass judgement on something that’s alien to Earth using Earth-bound experiences.

Let’s use a metaphor. There’s a scientist on Mars. He was born in a city like New York. He grew up there, among the high sky scrapers all his life. Cars and people everywhere. He went to a large university and got his credentials. He works for the Mars Space Agency. He’s given a series of photos, taken by a Martian satellite, of Earth. It’s a desert region and there’s nothing spectacular in them. Some vegetation. There’s a bunch of caves in rows on a mesa. He thinks that’s a little unusual, given the linear arrangement of caves but that’s about it. Obviously there’s no life there, but vegetation, so he tosses out the photos as normal. He’s a city dweller, he knows cities, and there’s no city in these photographs.

I would leave it there as an exercise for the reader to figure what’s wrong here. But I don’t have any so I’d be waiting for eternity. The photos this Martian scientist was given had a settlement of Hopi Indian pueblo’s. But he missed it because they look natural, and they’re out of his scope. He never lived in a cave, nor have Martians in general. He passed it on as a weird natural landscape. As humans who have been brought up in a closed environment on Earth, that’s what we face. We wouldn’t know a Martian city (deserted or otherwise) if it bit us on the ankle. We don’t know what a Martian city would look like. It might look like ours, it might not. If it’s buried in sand, it would be that much more difficult to figure out.

Why would an alien culture build a gigantic face on the plains of Mars? Damned if I know. Why would some old Egyptian build a gigantic pyramid? Beats the hell out of me. I can’t answer a human-oriented question, how can I even hope to answer a totally alien one? How can anyone? Nobody on Earth is a trained Xeno-culturalist, unless they know something we haven’t been told.

So do the right thing. Leave yourself open to possibilities, and work towards getting the question answered. Try and get humans on Mars to have a look at it and see what’s up. That’s my advice.